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Beef Feed

The Complete Diet – For the Field
We supply a comprehensive range of nutritionally balanced and palatable products to meet the requirements of your beef herd at all stages of their lifecycle from suckled calves through to finishing cattle

All our formulations have been developed using only the best quality raw materials available to optimise your herd’s performance and condition and therefore profitability. 

Beef Feeds

Beef Compounds & Blends

Highly palatable and fully mineralised formulations suitable for weaning, rearing, store cattle, finishing and suckler herds. Our compounds are available in pellet, nut and roll formats to suit lifestage and whether fed on grass or in house. Our range of high performing blends includes both semi intensive and intensive formulations to suit all your needs however we are also happy to discuss producing bespoke blends to the customer’s own specification if required.

Beef Concentrates

A range of concentrate blends for feeding with rolled barley to provide the protein levels required for maximum growth and weight gain.

Mineral Supplements

A selection of free access powder minerals and in feed minerals are available in 25kg bags. We also supply a choice of molassed mineral buckets to provide your livestock with all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Calf Milk

The Complete Diet - For the Field

The Complete Diet - For the Field

For further information on our range of products for your beef herd please phone us on Tel: 01651 862336 or email: and we will be more than happy to assist you.